The Great Filter | Episode 5: Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

Why does anything exist at all? What is reality all about?

I offer my best shot as to why there is something rather than nothing. Granted, this is a deep philosophical dive, but I try to keep as much logic and science as is possible when tackling such an impossible question.

Just yesterday I finished “A Universe From Nothing” by Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss; and I put it aside utterly disappointed as it contributed absolutely nothing to the quest for answer this question.

That being the case, I’ve decided to open up and deliver my personal theory, as far as I have developed it to date, as to why there is something rather than nothing. I’ve never heard anybody answer it this way – so I hope this offers a fresh perspective on the issue to those who are seeking a more logical answer.

This episode steps just outside the normal “existential dread” theme of The Great Filter, but stays within the realm of the general “existential” questions.

Special thanks for the galaxy photograph in this episode’s art by Miriam Espacio from Pexels.

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